Thursday, June 6, 2013

&^***(H) Pentacryl Gallon from

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Carving or turning green wood is certainly faster and easier than working with dry stock. But sometimes the extra work involved with slowly and carefully drying the wood to avoid checking hardly seems worth the trouble. Not any more! Pentacryl is a revolutionary new product that combats the negative effects of drying by displacing water and moisture in the wood fibers. Your wood will dry quicker and more evenly, and the Pentacryl residue even lubricates your tools as you work. This non-toxic solution doesnt stain the wood or affect finishing in any manner. The recommended method of application is total immersion, but the product can also be brushed or sprayed. Compared to the traditional wax coating method, youll find the drying time reduced by as much as 90 with Pentacryl. On average, a g

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